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With a sigh, Logan Walker says Eighth grade is "difficult." The burden on his shoulders? "It's challenging because you have to have all your homework done in like a certain amount of time," he explains. This writer understands that pressure all too well at age 36, Logan. Here's a tip: learn to organize your time well, and you won't feel that difficulty push back as much. You've got this, man.

Treadmills and 


Despite his distaste for difficulty, math is his favorite class. He's a hard worker, and the frustration of not understanding the problem the first time doesn't stop him from finding the solution. The Regional Office of Education recently recognized him with an award for his academic excellence. All these items together make Logan sound like a real workhorse, but he's actually a really chill guy.

He spends his time with his friends and sisters. They play soccer, toss the football around, and discuss how difficult ninth grade will undoubtedly be. Logan is blessed with a family he's inspired by, including his ten-year-old twin sisters, dad, mom, and aunts Jessica and Hannah. His aunt Jessica is a role model for him because she tells him to never give up and reminds him to follow his dreams. "She likes to help people," he proudly says, "She wants to help everyone." Though he doesn't say it, we feel that Logan also wants to make it his mission to help everyone. And Dad? Well, he's a hard worker, and Logan has already seen the benefits of hard work in action and wants to follow those results.


Logan's not without his off days. A few months ago, he used the treadmill in his garage and turned the speed up too high. Needless to say, he ended up with more than a few scrapes on his knees. He heals fast and learns faster, as he'd give the following advice to his younger self: "Stay away from treadmills."


The truth is, we can't choose to stay away from treadmills. We can place treadmills where we want them, but often treadmills on steep inclines are always in the wild. Logan's only mistake was a misjudgment of speed, taking on too much at once, and at the pace that we move in our connected world, it's surprising that so few make an effort to slow down, truly relax, and maybe take a jump on a trampoline.

That's Logan's model for the business he'll manage one day: trampolines, sports, and games, all in one place and open to anyone for a monthly membership fee, like a gym. Anything that can help someone take a moment and blow off some stress, to let go of the difficulties in their lives. Since Logan's favorite thing about school are the teachers that help everyone with their homework, it would only make sense that Logan would one day create a place to help others chill out and have fun. Forget homework; what about a game of laser tag? Watch out for the treadmill, though. Logan says that particular "bronco" is much more complicated than eighth grade.

Learn to organize your time well, and you won't feel that difficulty push back as much.
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