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With the fall season in full swing, I’m excited to share with you our first Visions141 issue of the school year. It is the rich tapestry of students, parents, educators, and volunteers that make our District so special, and it is in our stories that we find common ground and celebrate our successes.

From the Superintendent
Our shared aim remains simple and unchanged – putting our #kidsfirst.

In this issue, you’ll find stories that showcase the heart and soul of Ottawa Elementary Schools. We’ve highlighted seven of our students who, through the lives they lead and the choices they make, remind us of the potential waiting to be tapped in every child. You’ll read about two dedicated teachers whose work goes well beyond academics. They’re shaping lives.


We’ll also meet our newest administrator in this issue, who’s diving headfirst into the school year at Shepherd, bringing fresh energy and perspective to our team there. We feature our Director of Transportation, the individual who’s responsible for seeing that our buses are punctual and in top condition, ensuring our students’ commutes are smooth and safe. You’ll also meet a paraprofessional who has become a cornerstone of support for many of our students along with a board member whose decisions—along with his colleagues on the board—help steer the direction of our schools.


Visions141 isn’t just a magazine. It’s a mirror reflecting the tight-knit community of Ottawa Elementary. Our shared aim remains simple and unchanged – putting our #kidsfirst.


I’m so proud of what we continue to achieve together and I hope you find the stories in this issue both informative and inspiring. Here’s to a productive and enriching fall term.




Dr. Michelle Lee

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