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In this issue of your district magazine, Visions141, we feature the stories of four amazing students, five talented educators, a prolific alumnus-flautist, one of our kids first, service-minded district board members, along with the entire hardworking Shepherd Drama department’s theater company which, just last month, put on the wonderful, “Comic Book Artist.” To say our school community is overflowing with a ‘commitment mindset’ dedicated to preparing the children of our community for whatever their ‘next’ may be, sort of fails to capture the entirety of it, but I’m fresh out of superlatives, so this will have to do!

From the Superintendent

With the help of our very capable team of professional educators, paraprofessionals, specialists, and others dedicated to the positive outcome of our kids, each of our students is charting a course for their future and is putting in the effort to make good things happen.


Some are learning through play; some are learning through exploration while others are learning through technology and the acquisition of new study habits. But as I meet with our administrators and observe the growth of these students, one thing is clear to me—the children of our district are all at work finding their way, even as some are laying the foundations of their dreams. We are fortunate to have this team of educators here for all kinds of good reasons, not the least of which is the difference they make on a daily basis in the lives of our kids. And they’re all ‘our kids.

But the Ottawa ES District 141 family extends well beyond our buildings and our campuses. It includes you, the parent, the grandparent, the retiree, the empty-nester, the young couple, and those who have recently graduated from our school; each of us plays important role in this partnership, and so I invite you to bring your talents and energies to this partnership in whatever way you believe you can. Just like the students who will leave these halls in a few short weeks or a few short years, you have the capacity to be a game-changer; a world-changer, even.


I continue to be immensely proud of our school community for all it has accomplished and for all, together, we will accomplish. And it is my absolute honor to serve the district as its Superintendent.




Dr. Michelle Lee

You have the capacity to be a game-changer; a world changer, even.
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